Work Assaults are up more than half

According to the latest results from the British Crime Survey for 2008-09 the number of physical assaults on workers rose by a whopping 57%!

Workers in England and Wales suffered an estimated 627,00 incidents of violence at work during that year, half comprising threats and the other half actual incidents.

It seems that certain occupations are more likely to attract violent attacks, with people working in the protective services (police officers) being the most at risk . Other high risk occupations include health and social welfare professionals.

Sadly over a quarter of those assaulted have experienced three or more incidents if violence over the year. in 60% of the  cases the acts of violence were carried out by strangers.

At Shires Law we are currently dealing with a number of cases involving violence in the workplace. We remind our clients that employers have a  basic duty of care to their employees and this extends to agency workers and contractors. There is, in round terms, a duty to provide a safe place of work and a safe system of work. This common law duty to employees is supported by a raft of laws which impose further specific duties. If you have been assaulted in the workplace and are unsure of your rights please call us and we shall discuss with you whether we believe that you might have a claim.