Occupational Asthma

Asthma has been on the increase in the UK for many years now, and can be an extremely serious and worrying condition to live with. Many people do not know why they suffer from it, but what if you discover that you have asthma as a direct result of your  job?

You are likely to feel upset and let down by your employer and probably worried about your ability to continue in the job role you are currently in, as a result of your condition.

We do understand how upsetting this must be for you, but we can help you to start to come to terms with your condition by making a claim for compensation.

What Is Occupational Asthma?

This condition is caused by breathing in a substance at work which causes a reaction in your lungs. The substance is known as a sensitiser. Once of the biggest problems with occupational asthma is that your condition can develop over a long period of time, and you may not notice that it is linked to being at work.

You can look out for certain indicators though, such as whether your symptoms seem much worse during the working week or at night after you have been at work all day.

What Causes Occupational Asthma?

Once you inhale a sensitiser, you are likely to react with the same symptoms you would with normal asthma. Continual exposure to sensitisers will mean that your condition may well become serious and possibly life threatening.

The sort of substances which may cause occupational asthma are:

If you have been diagnosed with occupational asthma, your employer should investigate swapping the sensitiser for a different product to stop you reacting. If this is not possible, you may need to use breathing equipment.

If your condition is mild and is treated successfully by your GP within a few months, you might get around £4,000 in compensation. However, if your condition needs an inhaler and affects your employment chances, there is a chance you may get £30,000.

If you have inhaled harmful vapours and this has resulted in mild asthma symptoms you may get between £7,000 and £14,000 in compensation.

How Can Shires Law Help Me?

We know how much your condition will have impacted on your life and that you will now have to cope with this condition permanently, but we can help you to claim compensation from your employer.

You shouldn’t be concerned about making a claim against your employer, even if you are still working there. They are not able to treat you any differently as a result and it is your right to receive compensation after your diagnosis.

Our law firm is small and friendly and we want to offer you a personal but professional service which you won’t get with other bigger firms. We don’t employ claims handlers at all and you will only be dealing with a qualified solicitor to run your claim for you.

We want to get the chance to meet you in person as we feel it is important to do this to better understand how your condition has really affected you and so that you can have the chance to meet us and feel comfortable with us representing you. We offer you a free initial consultation so we can do this.

Funding for personal injury claims has recently changed and as a result we are unable to recover all of your legal costs from the other side, but please don’t let this put you off from making a claim. We can get most of the costs back and we won’t expect you to pay anything until your claim is settled.

If you want a friendly law firm to represent you who will give you a personal, yet professional service, contact us today.

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