Slips and trips at work

If you’ve been injured through slips and trips in the workplace your life could be severely affected. Slips and trips can result in injuries that not only cause you pain and discomfort but could also affect your ability to do everyday things and get on with your life. Slips and trips at work are often caused by inadequate risk assessments or employers not adhering to safe working methods and processes. If the slip or trip was not your fault, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, potential loss of earnings and other consequential losses.

Shires Law accident solicitors have many years of experience dealing with slip and trip work accidents and can help you receive financial compensation for the suffering caused by your injury. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, you will not be out of pocket whether you win or lose. There is also no risk you will lose your job, as sacking someone who making a personal injury claim is against UK employment law and would be considered unfair dismissal.


Examples of some common injuries caused by slips and trips in the workplace:

Injuries such as these can cause:

How much could you claim?

Compensation for your trip claim will depend on the severity of your injury. Common injuries such as a fractured collarbone or ankle could mean a payout of between £3,500 and £8,000 and a sprained ankle (where recovery is likely to be within a year) could lead to a payout of around £3,000.

How long will it take?

Again, this depends on the seriousness of the injury you’ve suffered. We will arrange for you to see a specialist doctor to assess your injuries. When we’ve got a diagnosis and prognosis from them, we can begin to discuss a settlement with the other side. As a rough guide, although a trip claim for a serious injury could take longer, a trip claim for a less serious injury might be dealt with within 4 or 5 months.

How do you make a claim?

We can help with your trip claim. Get in touch with us today, by calling 0800 285 1266 or via our Live Chat facility.

What should you do if you suffer a trip or slip?

If you need rehabilitation or physiotherapy, we can provide and an Immediate Needs Assessment and the appropriate treatment on a private basis.


*As experienced solicitors, we fully understand that you might experience some financial hardship as a result of an accident. We may, therefore, be able to offer you £250.00 advance on your compensation to help you over this period. This sum would be advanced to you as soon as liability for your accident is admitted and would be deducted from the compensation you recover at the end of your claim.