Tips for Safer Driving this Autumn

As summer disappears and the days begin to get shorter, driving gets more risky again. Driving on an autumnal morning surrounded by fog, or heading out in heavy rain, increases your risk of a road accident. You can’t always predict what other people will do on the road, or the mistakes they will make, but by making some adjustments to your own driving you can stay safer and get to your destination with less stress.

Tips for Driving in Fog 

Fog or even light mist can make driving hazardous, particularly on country roads. Pay attention to the Highway Code that states you must put on your headlights when you cannot see for a distance greater than 100 metres (that’s the size of a football pitch, for comparison.) You don’t have to put on your fog lights but there could be a problem with your insurance if you don’t, and you get into an accident. Don’t forget to switch them off, but don’t keep switching them back and forth – wait until the fog has definitely lifted. Always be aware of other drivers who don’t have their headlights on – driving more slowly and keeping a bigger distance between your car and a car in front helps to give you more time to react to a motorist without headlights that comes out of nowhere. If you are entering a junction where you cannot see properly, stop and open the window, listening for traffic. When you cannot hear anything, pull out briskly and don’t hesitate in the centre of the road.

Driving in Strong Winds 

The tricky thing about wind is it can come from nowhere, and even the most experienced drivers can get caught off guard. If high winds are forecast then expect them to occur at any time, and especially when you are traveling down an open road or when you are passing areas without hedges or houses. If you feel your car being pushed by high winds, keep your hands on the steering wheel and maintain a slow speed. Be wary of other vehicles that could be blown into you in high winds, particularly motorbikes or cyclists, and watch out for debris that may be littering the road.

Tips for Safer Driving this Autumn


Heavy Rain and Driving  

Driving in heavy rain presents risks due to standing water and also flooding. Standing water may result in aquaplaning – it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with what to do if you feel the car becoming unresponsive at speed. Never drive through flood water unless you can clearly see it is not deep. Remember that a tiny amount of water entering into the combustion chamber will cripple the engine.

Road Traffic Accident Claims 

Of course, no matter how carefully you drive and how much care you take on the roads this autumn there will always be some driver that takes unnecessary risks and puts you and other road users in danger. If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, we can help you get the compensation you need, including damages for injuries and damage caused to your car.

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