Symptoms displayed by bullied people strikingly similar to symptoms of those who have been in conflict situations

This is the view of psychologist Dr Noreen Tehrani when she commented to BBC One recently. “Both groups suffer nightmares, are jumpy and seem fuelled by too much adrenaline. In addition they show greater susceptibility to illnesses, heart disease and alcoholism.”

Sadly, in our experience, bullying in the workplace is largely ignored by managers and supervisors possibly because they do not know how to address the problem. It is often seen as an occupational hazard and something that employees should just put up with. In the current recession, with employees living in fear of losing their jobs there is a tendency to try to live with the problem until such time as their health prevents them from returning to work.

We are increasingly receiving enquiries from employees suffering the very real physical effects from bullying and claims for occupational stress are on the rise.

Please do give us a call should you be experiencing work place bullying. We shall be able to advise you on whether you might be able to do something about it.