Recent cases involving injuries sustained in the catering industry


We have recently been approached by a restaurant worker who has suffered third degree burns when his hand got caught in a deep fat fryer.  Needless to say his injuries are severe and after having to undergo skin grafts this man has been left with unsightly scarring and permanent damage to the ligaments in his hand.  It was clear to us at the outset that our client had not received adequate health and safety training. A vigorous case was put forwards and liability has been admitted by the insurer for the popular restaurant chain. We are currently assessing rehabilitation options and appropriate compensation for this client. However sadly no amount of compensation will ever make up for the scarring he has been left with.

Another restaurant accident case that we are working on involves a serious injury suffered by a restaurant worker who severed a tendon when cleaning kitchen equipment. This client had received no training at all and it was clear that no suitable safety assessment had taken place of the tasks our client was asked to carry out. Again after putting forward a very detailed claim, the insurers for the restaurant admitted liability for our client’s injuries.

Sadly injuries like this are not uncommon in the restaurant and catering industry. A kitchen is a busy place and when combined with hot food and drinks, sharp knives and kitchen equipment it is easy to see that when health and safety is overlooked serious injuries can and do happen.

It is important to bear in mind that all employers have a duty to protect their employees, contractors and visitors from accident and injuries.  Should you suffer an injury as a result of somebody’s negligence you might be able to make a claim. To find out more about your options please call us in complete confidence on 0800 285 1266 or complete an online form and a specialist injury claim solicitor who deals with accidents at work will call you back to discuss your case with you in more detail.