Laser Hair Removal leads to First Degree Burns

You might have read the case of  Vanda Thomas who went public with her first degree burns last week in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago?  In the article Vanda, 55,  explains that the laser hair removal was offered as a new treatment to get rid of a few hairs that had appeared on her chin. Now, after the botched hair removal, Vanda has been left with serious scarring after the unqualified beautician scored her face with deep burns by using the powerful laser on its highest setting.

Joanne du Plessis, solicitor and partner at Shires Law, a firm that is dealing with a number of actions arising out of cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong, says that she is receiving many inquiries about this sort of injury.  “Over the last few months I have spoken to a number of members of the public who have suffered with burns caused through this type of procedure.  It can be an extremely effective procedure but it must be carried out by a trained therapist.  Sadly we are witnessing a boom in salons carrying out this type of skilled procedure but the beauty therapists are very often are not properly trained. IPL is being used on the wrong skin types with, very often, disastrous results.”  

So how do you protect yourself in this area which is largely unregulated? Joanne advises clients to always check that the therapist is fully trained in the use of the laser technology being used. It is not enough for the therapist to be a beautician. What you want to see is specific training in the use of IPL for the machine that is being used.

Secondly, look at the laser. You would ideally want to see the salon using a medical grade laser and generally the larger the machine the better the quality and the better control that the therapist has over the delivery of energy to the skin.

Lastly, you would want to ensure that the salon carries insurance so that should anything go wrong you will be able to look to the insurer for compensation for your injury.

Shire s Law is a specialist law firm dealing with claims arising out of beauty procedures.  We deal with claims ranging from injuries sustained in beauty salons to clinical negligence matters for botched plastic surgery procedures.