Do You have Scars from Laser Hair Removal Treatment? What You should Know about Claims

More and more people are undergoing laser treatment for various reasons, but most notably for the removal of hair on the body, be it on the legs, arms, or other areas. But whilst this type of procedure is often carried out well – with some amazing results – it is not without its own set of risks. You must remember, after all, that laser treatment is not properly regulated, which means that it can be done by virtually anyone without the proper set of skills or even the right training. If you have undergone laser treatment and have sustained an injury, you can receive the compensation you need and deserve. Following are the most important facts you should know about laser hair removal treatment – and claiming compensation.


The risks

As mentioned, laser hair removal treatment is a procedure not without risk. Injuries and accidents can occur – in fact, injuries and accidents related to laser treatment are on the rise! These accidents often happen due to a lack of training or knowledge, negligence or a lack of attention, or a lack of information regarding the victim’s own medical history.

Laser burn claim

Whilst injuries can be as minor as temporary skin irritation, they can also be as major as burns and permanent damage to the skin (this is where laser hair removal scars come in). Burns and other major damage can occur if the technician uses faulty equipment or if the technician does not know how to use the technology in the proper way.


You can make a claim if you can prove the negligence or ignorance of the clinician or beauty salon and if you have had injuries ranging from burns to skin infections or skin itching, extreme skin sensitivity, or scarring. You can even make a claim if the clinician removed hair in the wrong area or removed too much hair from a particular area. Your claim can also extend to psychological and emotional damage due to the injury. For instance, if you have scars on prominent parts of your body, such as your face, legs, and so on, and it has affected your self-esteem or quality of life, or even your career, then you can definitely seek compensation.



The clinician’s responsibilities

In almost all cases of laser injury claims, it has been proven that it was the clinician’s fault. They have a duty of care to you, after all, and they have certain responsibilities to make sure you are not unduly harmed or injured. For instance, they should give you all the information you need to know about the procedure – this should be done before the procedure commences. The clinician should also give you time to make up your mind and not pressure you into going through with it.

If you have suffered a laser treatment injury with consequences such as scarring, you should consult an experienced solicitor today.

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