An Important Overview on Claiming Compensation for a Burn Injury – What You can Expect

First of all, remember this: you deserve compensation for your burn injury, especially if you can prove that it came about through the negligence, ignorance, or fault of others (such as your employer). But whether you have already begun the process of claiming compensation for your burn injury or not, you should also have an idea of how much compensation you can actually receive.

The facts

The facts are as follows: your compensation will greatly depend on your burn injury’s classification as well as its overall effect on your life. But in general, you can expect compensation which is also based on two main factors or elements – special and general damages.

Under general damages

General damages would often comprise the pain as well as suffering you experience due to your burn injury. General damages awards also fall under the classification and categorisation of the Judicial College’s guidelines for compensation for personal injury. In the guidelines, there will be descriptions of the types of injuries sustained by individuals as well as the maximum and minimum compensation amount for the particular injury.

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Although the guidelines from the Judicial College are not binding under the law, courts still often take them into consideration when determining the amount of compensation an individual deserves. Along with the courts, many insurance firms and solicitors refer to these guidelines when determining fair settlement as well.

Just to give you an idea: in the guidelines, compensation for burns to the face, for instance, can award compensation of around £6000. Severe burns to the face, however, can award compensation of as much as £65000. General damages also include the psychological effects of the injury apart from the suffering and pain experienced by the victim.

Under special damages

Under special damages, you can receive compensation for more ‘technical’ expenses such as loss of earnings, loss of capacity to earn in the future due to your burn injury, and medical costs and expenses, both for the present and for the future. Special damages also cover expenses for travel (especially to and from hospital or a specialist) and the repair or replacement of any property of yours which has become damaged due to the accident. If you need to purchase medical equipment for treatment or therapy, such as aids for mobility, this is included in your special damages compensation as well.

Often, special damages compensation is easier to compute and calculate compared to general damages compensation, as there are exact amounts to contend with and whatever losses you have can be specifically seen and established. But if you have a good solicitor by your side, you can benefit from the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve for both special and general damages.