Why the hairdressing industry needs regulation

Beauty at a Price: Rise in Beauty Treatment Claims

You would be shocked to learn that hairdressing salons are unregulated in the UK.

In her years of practice as a solicitor who specialises in this area of law, Joanne du Plessis, has seen many horror cases where clients have suffered dreadful injuries at the hands of hairdressers who are unqualified or who do not follow the correct procedures.


“In one case my client’s hair resembled that of a pot scourer. My client had attended what she thought was a reputable salon for a conditioning treatment. However what was applied was a straightening treatment. My client realised that something was amiss when her hair started to change colour. Despite the hairdresser washing the product off it was too late. My client who was a very prominent socialite was left with her hair in a dreadful state, it was breaking off, brittle and she was left with bald patches. She was too embarrassed to be seen out and suffered dreadful anxiety”


What appeared to be a straightforward case almost turned into a nightmare. When Joanne started the claim she discovered that the salon did not carry any insurance for accidents or injury caused to members of the public.


“It is just shocking to think that when you as a client attend the hairdresser the person who very often is handling dangerous chemicals and sharp instruments is not required by law to hold insurance.”


Despite the campaign for hairdressers to be regulated having grown over the past few years when the Bill came before parliament it was narrowly rejected. Joanne du Plessis believes that it is a matter of time before better regulation will come into force.


“it is inevitable that there will be better regulation. This will raise standards in the industry and help to minimise injuries. It will also ensure that when somebody is injured they will not be faced with the prospect of not being able to recover compensation for their injuries. Public Liability insurance will be mandatory.


As for Joanne’s client. “We were very fortunate that we had an extremely strong case, supported by a leading trichologist. The salon was a prosperous salon and despite not having insurance was able to meet my client’s claim. The claim was settled before trial and my client was extremely happy with the outcome.”


Should you have suffered injury or damage to your hair at a hairdresser please do call us. We would be happy to assist you and answer any queries that you might have.