Your Guide to Selecting the Right Hairdresser for Your Needs

In the UK, close to a quarter of a million people are employed in the hair and beauty industry – there are more than 36,000 hair salons. This stunning fact only proves that the people of the UK care about their hair, and that people (both old and young, both men and women) care about their appearance, and that they like to be pampered now and again. What’s amazing, however, is this: despite the growth of the industry, there is still a lack of regulation. Things can – and do – go wrong sometimes.

It’s a scary thought: your hairdresser does not need any specific training or special qualifications to be allowed to apply sharp objects to your scalp, or use potentially dangerous chemicals on your hair. The statistics speak for themselves: a lot of unpleasant accidents continue to happen which may require you to seek hairdresser compensation. You want to be sure you are in trusted hands. Here’s your guide to selecting the right hairdresser for your needs.

Check the registration

If your hairdresser is serious about their future as a hairdresser, they will be registered and be an SRH (State Registered Hairdresser) – and be able to show you a copy of the registration. It’s not necessarily a certification of quality, but it does mean that they have been in the business for at least two years and hold certain necessary qualifications. A hairdresser that’s serious about his or her business should be happy to provide you with certificates and other documentation of their qualifications, so never be shy to ask for these.


This goes together with the above-mentioned point: don’t be afraid to ask where the hairdresser studied or what training they received!

Continued learning

Like most things in life, technology constantly changes – and this is also the case in the beauty industry. Those who undergo continued learning will constantly have their own skills and qualifications honed.

Health and safety

There are health and safety regulations any company needs to adhere to, so if you are worried about hygiene, be sure to check the company with your local authorities first.


It’s the traditional approach, but it still works: ask your friends and family for recommendations.

To be sure that you get what you want or need, it helps to do your own preparation when visiting a new hairdresser. If you want your hair to be done a certain way, it helps to bring a picture of what you want your hair to look like – the same goes with colouring or curling. Verbal communication is important, but a picture (as cliché as it sounds) does paint a thousand words, and it does help avoid disappointment. Remember: the hair salon has a responsibility, and you have the right to correct service.

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