First Aid Treatment for a First-Degree Burn Due to Laser Hair Removal: What You Should Know

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Whilst you may already know that there are different types or levels of burns, you may not be fully aware of how to treat each type of burn. It is important to know the distinction in treatment for different kinds of burns, because what would work for one type of burn (such as a first-degree burn) may very well not work for another type of burn (such as a third-degree burn). But if you have suffered a first-degree burn due to laser hair removal, what should you do? Here’s what you should know about the symptoms of, and first aid treatment for, a first-degree burn.

What to remember about first-degree burns

Fortunately, a first-degree burn is the mildest type of burn, and its symptoms are easy to identify. Symptoms of such burns include redness of the skin, a slight swelling or mild pain, and some peeling of the skin which happens after a few hours or a day.

This type of burn is referred to as a superficial type of burn, since it only affects the skin’s top layer. Often, a first-degree burn does not require a visit to a physician, and it can be treated at home. But if your first-degree burn covers a large area or is too painful, you may have to visit a physician.

The symptoms

As mentioned, first degree burns show some skin redness as well as a slight swelling or pain. After a day or two, the affected area may begin to peel. This is different from second-degree burns, where the skin blisters and the area is more painful because the burn is deeper. A first-degree burn will largely heal in just a few days.

The treatment

If you only noticed your first-degree laser burn as soon as you arrived home after treatment, you can perform first aid yourself. Simply put a cool compress on the burnt area to cool it and relieve yourself of swelling and pain. Do this for about five to 10 minutes. Avoid the use of ice in your compress, as this can aggravate or irritate the burn.

You should never apply any kind of oil or butter to a burn. The oils will prevent the burn from healing. Use a product which contains aloe vera instead. You can also make use of ointments bought over the counter (or even honey).


The burn should begin healing in a few days, but it usually takes about 3 to 20 days for the burn to heal completely, depending on how big it is. But if you see signs of swelling or infection, you should visit a physician. Some areas of the body may require prompt medical attention as well, including the face, the groin, the feet, and the hands.