What Evidence Do You Need to Gather for a Beauty Treatment Injury Claim? Your Essential Guide

All kinds of beauty treatments are very common and readily available nowadays. From waxing to facial peeling to hair dyeing, these beauty treatments are offered by a variety of beauty centres and salons. But who is really to say that those who are performing beauty treatments are qualified? Also, who is to say that these so-called ‘specialists’ are using good products – products which have been tried and tested by professionals and have been proven to be safe? The end of the matter is that because of negligence, ignorance, unsafe practices, and unsafe products or equipment, there are now more individuals who have become victims of beauty treatment injuries.

beauty treatment injury

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If you have suffered an injury due to a beauty treatment, you certainly have the right to compensation. But before you begin the process of claiming compensation for your beauty treatment injury, you need to have a strong case. And this entails gathering as much evidence as you can.

Gathering evidence for a beauty treatment injury

Inform the manager or owner

If you become injured in the midst of or after a beauty treatment, you should have the manager or owner of the salon or beauty centre informed right away. Whatever happens, do not leave the premises until you have spoken to someone in charge. The fact is that if you leave, other evidence pertaining to your injury, such as a bad product or defective equipment, could very well disappear when you decide to return.

Get eyewitness accounts

Getting witnesses to the event or accident could be crucial to your case as well. If you can speak to several impartial witnesses and ask them to vouch for your case and on your behalf, it would go a long way. Make sure to get the name and contact number of any eyewitness.

Take photos or videos

You should also take photos or videos of your injury if you can. If you have suffered burns due to waxing or other types of beauty treatments, take several photos of the affected area. You may also want to do a recording of the technician or specialist explaining what happened. You can actually use their statements as an ‘admission against interest’ later on.

Keep records of medical visits, expenses, and lost earnings

Whatever medical reports or records you have due to the injury, keep them, especially when it comes to the GP or specialist’s diagnosis as well as prognosis of your treatment. Keep copies of all the paperwork you have accrued related to the injury. You should also keep a record of your expenses (related to medical treatment, medication, and transport), as well as a record of the earnings you may have lost (in the present and in the future) because of the injury.