Your Essential Guide to Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Many of us have certain issues with body hair which we want to be addressed. You may have excessive hair on your legs, or you may want to do away with back or shoulder hair once and for all. To address these hair issues, you may have already resorted to shaving, waxing, and so on – with unsatisfactory results. Fortunately, there is one treatment which has proven worthy: laser hair removal. With laser hair removal treatment, you can do away with unwanted hair, if not permanently, at least for a very long time. But just like other treatments, it carries risks, so you have to properly prepare for it. Here’s your all-important guide to preparing for laser hair removal treatment.

Schedule a consultation

Before you go ‘under the laser’ you should schedule a consultation with the specialist first. During the consultation, a good technician or specialist should assess your medical records and ask you about recent medication you have been taking. They should also discuss the procedure with you, including its risks, its benefits, and what you can expect. The consultation should also include a skin test so the specialist will know what level or frequency to use.

Preparing yourself for the procedure

There are also some steps you should take in order to prepare yourself physically for the procedure. Although laser hair removal treatment is relatively painless, it comes with certain risks, as mentioned, such as a laser burn, skin discolouration, skin patches, rashes, and so on. By preparing yourself (and making sure you have a good specialist as well), you can reduce these risks and enhance your safety during and even after the procedure.

laser hair burns


If you have properly prepared yourself for laser hair removal treatment and still become victim to burns, rashes, discolouration, and so on, the technician may be legally liable. Always protect yourself – and claim compensation if necessary.