A List of The Different Kinds of Road Accident Claims: What You Should Know

Road Accident Claim

We all know car accidents are the most common types of road accidents, and the most popular claims are for car accidents as well. But there are actually other kinds of road accidents – and the claims that go with them. If you have been in a road traffic accident and have become a victim of an injury, are you thinking of making a claim for compensation? To better your chances at claiming compensation for a road accident, it’s best to know what kind of claim you should file. Here’s a list of the different kinds of road accident claims: what you should know.

In the UK as in most parts of the world, the most popular kind of claim is a claim for injuries during a car accident. This type of claim includes situations where the defendant, as well as the claimant, are driving their respective cars. As the two vehicles are required to have motor insurance, both the defendant’s and the claimant’s insurance firms often prefer to settle compensation between them. But before accepting this kind of offer, claimants are recommended to consult with a personal injury solicitor, so the solicitor can confirm whether the offer is fair.

If you are the passenger of a car in a road accident, you can also make a claim – and this is true whether you are in the car whose driver caused the accident or are in another car.

Even though claims for cycling accidents are not as common as claims for car accidents, an injury sustained by cyclists is often more varied and severe. It is also more complicated for claimants to prove liability in cycling accidents, but receiving compensation is still possible even if the cyclist is proven to have been at fault as well.

Motorbike accident claims are also on the rise but are still not as common compared to car accident claims. The problem with motorbike accidents is that the injuries are often far more severe and catastrophic, and may not only include broken bones and fractures but also burns due to friction, which would also require compensation for the burns, especially if severe.

Whiplash claims are quite common with road traffic accidents, even the more minor ones. Whiplash compensation can be received by either the driver or the passenger, and this compensation can be used to pay for therapy. If a whiplash injury is not satisfactorily treated, it can result in debilitating permanent or long-term symptoms.

The problem with pedestrian claims is that the pedestrians are often victims of hit-and-run situations, and this can result in a more complicated claim. But it is entirely possible to make a claim for compensation, especially if the injuries are serious.