Did Your Dream Holiday Turn into a Nightmare?

As everyone returns from their two weeks in the sun and goes back to work and school, talk is all about where you went, what you did, and what the weather was like. But unfortunately some people have more serious things to discuss. For some, the dream holiday turned into a nightmare when they were injured abroad, fell ill, or had an accident. Unfortunately, injuries on holiday are all too common. Find out what you can do if your summer sun turned into a hospital stay.

Fun in the Sun?

Recent news reports highlight how common – yet how horribly distressing – it is to suffer some form of mishap on holiday. Fortunately, many injuries and accidents are mild and result only in a few hours of discomfort. But others are not so fortunate. A Manchester man is seeking compensation after he came down with salmonella while on holiday in a luxury resort in Egypt. He lost more than a stone and ended up missing a month of work, according to the Manchester Evening News. He is claiming compensation from the holiday tour operator after his stay at the Sensatori Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh ended so badly. His symptoms were so severe he had to use a wheelchair to disembark from the plane on his return home.


Did Your Dream Holiday Turn into a Nightmare?


Ten holidaymakers from Britain are also suing their tour operators after a coach crash while on a skiing trip in France left them with severe injuries. One passenger has lost the use of her right arm, and others have significant psychological injuries as well as cuts and broken bones. Thankfully the holidaymakers in the crash were not killed, but the impact of their injuries has been significant.

Injuries and Illnesses on Holiday

The most common illness affecting Britons abroad is salmonella or e-coli. Both forms of food poisoning can be severe although you could also suffer a mild case. You can claim for a holiday ruined by food poisoning if there was negligence in preparing your food or cooking the food to the required standard. Food that is not stored hygienically can result in a bad case of poisoning, which can affect many people at the same time. We can help you prepare a claim if your holiday was ruined by a badly cooked meal that resulted in food poisoning.

You may also suffer an injury abroad that was the fault of someone else – for example, slipping on a poorly maintained walkway, or being injured when equipment in your room malfunctions. You could be injured on a cruise ship due to slippery walkways and no signs, or be affected by illness due to a badly maintained swimming pool.

Holiday Disaster: What You Need to Do

If you were injured or fell ill abroad, get in touch with Shires Law to discuss your claim. The amount of compensation you can receive varies depending on the extent of your injuries or the severity of the illness. Get in touch with us as claims can be difficult when a holiday company does not admit liability. We are experts and can guide you through the claims procedure.

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