Dangers of bad eyelash extensions

Advice from ShiresLaw on what to do if you’ve have had a poor experience.

Eyelash extensions have replaced false eyelashes in current beauty trends. There have been a few stories in the newspapers recently where women have suffered extremely distressing injuries and allergic reactions to eyelash extensions.


The problems with eyelash extensions are caused both by the extensions themselves and by the glue used to fix them to the eyelid. The extensions are often fixed into place using formaldehyde or other glue that can cause an allergic reaction. Plus the solvent used to remove the extensions can also cause reactions.

The extensions sometimes come into contact with the conjunctiva or cornea and this can cause irritation causing contact dermatitis and conjunctivitis. And in extreme cases the extensions can cause damage to the lash follicle and this can lead to eyelash loss (traction alopecia).

What precautions can you take?

1)Use a reputable salon.

2)Ensure the therapist has the necessary qualifications and experience.

3)Look around the salon or spa and ensure that hygiene levels are high.

4)Ensure that the therapist carries out an allergy test at least 24 hours before your appointment, don’t risk it!

If you develop symptoms – pain, itching and redness- What should you do?

1)Take photographs.

2)See your GP who will be able to diagnose what has gone wrong and refer you to an ophthalmologist of necessary.

3)Report it to the salon.

Our appearance is important to us and very often we seek beauty treatments prior to an important public event. Suffering an injury at such a time in a beauty salon can cause enormous distress. Please remember that beauty salons and spas are required by law to hold public liability insurance.

A claim for compensation made on your behalf will be directed to the salon’s insurers. Compensation will reflect both physical and emotional pain and suffering, the cost of medical treatment and any extra incurred expenses, such as travel costs.

Please remember that at all times your enquiries and claim will be dealt with in the utmost confidence by an experienced female solicitor.

We offer a No Win No Fee service and are happy to make home visits should this be suitable.