Beauty Burn Claims


The Basics of Cosmetic Burn Claims

When you have any type of beauty treatment done in your local salon, you can be exposed to harsh chemicals that are used in the procedures or hot wax that can burn your skin. Choosing a reputable salon is your first defence against being injured and using only professionals who will test your skin well in advance of the process that you are having done can eliminate problems with incorrect applications that result in pain and suffering. What can you do when you receive a cosmetic burn? Use our guidelines below to help you take the right action that can lead to financial compensation that will pay for any medical assistance that you might need.

• When you realise that you have been injured or harmed by a beautician that has not followed proper procedure, you should report it at once to the management of the salon. Ask for the person in charge to come to the workstation to inspect your skin or scalp to document the damage that has been done. Ask them to take pictures, have some taken with your own mobile phone, and be sure to get the name and contact information of the manager. Proper documentation will be required for any burn claims that you file; this paperwork should include the details of how and to whom you reported the incident and the type, length, and cost of any medical treatment that you needed. You should also remember to contact us for legal help within a three year period from the date of your injury.

• Create a file in which you will keep a written recollection of your own thoughts about the injury. You should include the date, time, and location of the salon as well as the name of the hairdresser who did the procedure for you. Include the names of any people who were present and can attest to the negligence that was demonstrated either by incorrect application, wrong timing, or a lack of knowledge regarding how the process was to be done. Also record who you reported the injury to and what their comments and actions were at the time of the injury. You must also keep receipts for medical treatments that were needed, any income losses that you incurred, and the mileage incurred driving back and forth to your doctor. If you have questions about any of the documentation that can strengthen your claim, contact one of our professionals who can provide you with the proper guidance on what you will need.
• The length of time that it will take us to process your claim will depend on your individual situation. Minor injuries can be handled by our team rather quickly whilst injuries that are more severs can require more evidence and a longer period of investigation.