Advice for avoiding a Bad Brazilian wax experience

Advice from ShiresLaw on what to do if you’ve suffered from a terrible treatment.

Whilst there are no definite statistics for body wax injuries, reports seem to be on a rise. The State of New Jersey, USA nearly banned Brazilian bikini waxes in 2009 when 2 women ended up hospitalised. And in Australia, a woman who already suffered from type 1 diabetes contracted a bacterial infection and had a close call with death.

The issue with waxing is that it always involves some form of micro-trauma to the skin which can cause irritation, inflammation and skin infections such as folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles.)

These are some ways you can avoid dangers the next time you go for your Brazilian:

Choose a salon you trust. Check hygiene levels, ask friends for advice and be careful to select a salon where the therapist has the right training for a Brazilian wax.

Ask about the wax. Hard wax is generally considered gentler as it sticks to the hair not the skin. Sugaring is also considered a kinder option for the skin. The alternative, speed wax, is soft, sticky and applied using a roller applicator. Whilst faster, you have more chance of tearing from the speed wax sticking to the skin rather than the hair.

Get a skin patch test. Sounds simple but Salons should always offer an allergy test 24 hours prior to the appointment. Whilst it’s rare, adverse reactions do occur and it is negligent for them not to carry out a skin patch test.

Keep an eye out for double dipping. Double dipping in the wax is a definite infection risk. The therapist should have a clean spatula for each swipe of the skin. To prevent any burns they should check the wax’s temperature before applying it to your skin. Don’t be afraid to speak up if these precautions aren’t being taken, it’s your safety!

Good aftercare. For a few days after your wax, apply an over-the-counter antibiotic cream and an anti inflammatory cream to the area. These will cause any irritation or inflammation to be targeted before becoming a problem. Check yourself with a mirror to make sure there are no ingrowing hairs, rashes, sores or cuts. See your doctor ASAP if you develop redness, swelling, an itching or burning sensation, peeling of the skin or a fever.

If you have suffered from a Brazilian wax injury, we understand that it may be embarrassing to discuss this type of injury, so at Shires Law only a female solicitor will manage your case. We are happy to discuss your injury in the strictest of confidence and we will be able to advise you of whether you have grounds for a claim and if so how much compensation you are likely to receive.