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Claimant receives £18,000 following a whiplash injury from a road traffic accident in Cheltenham
A man in his late 30’s suffered a whiplash injury when a driver hit the back of his car. The claimant was self-employed, working six to seven days a week, supporting a young family. The injuries included whiplash but significantly the psychological effects, having been involved in a similar incident two years earlier. The whiplash injury had an estimated recovery period of two years, including extensive psychological treatment throughout. Time off work was required, but as the main breadwinner and self-employed he had to return sooner than he should have done to ensure a regular income. Liability was admitted. 

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Client receives £2,000 from an Employers’ Liability claim

A central Cheltenham bank was undergoing a renovation and refurbishment project. These works included the breaking down of a concrete wall which caused incredible cement dust in the work environment. Unfortunately, a lady in her early 40s suffered dust inhalation as she was working in close proximity to this building project. She suffered breathing difficulties for a six month period which constituted asthma. Liability was disputed, but with potentially three other defendants, the claim was won.

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A young boy wins £1,500 following an Occupiers Liability (Public Liability) claim
A boy aged six years old was attending a Play Rangers event at a local, Cheltenham park when a basketball stand, with an adjustable height fell onto his head causing a 1.5 cm deep laceration to the top of his head. The boy required immediate hospital treatment and suffered from residual shock following the incident. Fortunately, within two weeks the physical symptoms had subsided. A claim was made to Cheltenham Borough Council on damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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“Shires Law handled a somewhat long-winded personal accident claim following a car accident. Throughout the period it took to settle the claim, I was afforded an exceptionally high degree of professional service, clear advice on the progress of legalities of the case and also the way forward with the claim. Any queries raised by me were answered promptly and courteously and the outcome was entirely to my satisfaction – a thoroughly professional service – thank you.”  Mr Robbins