Industrial disease is a term used to describe an illness, disease or injury sustained and caused by your work environment and requires dedicated solicitors to resolve.

At Shires Law, we are compelled to avoid ‘legal jargon’. We want you to understand each step of the process and convey this with a professional and personable approach.

A Project Worker was injured in the workplace generating an Employers Liability claim
The claimant a thirty-year old male injured his head on a defective door shutter whilst carrying our his Project Worker role in the workplace. He suffered a laceration to the scalp which required immediate hospital treatment. In addition, he suffered a whiplash-type injury, bruising to his knee and was absence from work for six days. He was due to recover from his injuries within ten months of the date the incident and damages thus awarded were for the pain and suffering plus loss of amenity. 

Suffered an accident at work?
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A mesothelioma victim wins an Industrial Disease Claim to the tune of £52,000
A retired and former builder was diagnosed with mesothelioma ten years after retiring from the construction industry where he worked from the late 1960’s to 2012.  During this time, he was exposed to asbestos lagging around pipework and asbestos sheeting in old roofs without receiving the required and relevant protective clothing from his former employer’s. A claim was submitted and he was awarded damages. 

Suffering from an Industrial Disease? Shires Law can help you deal with asbestosis and mesothelioma compensation claims, advice and importantly help. 

“The service I received from Shires Law was second-to-none. My solicitor was very informative and always available to communicate with me personally. They achieved an excellent result for me and I would not hesitate to recommend.” Ms Ryder