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A Care Worker receives £18,500 in an accident at work claim
A lady in her early 60’s, lost her footing and fell to the ground whilst carrying a tray of tea down a flight of stairs whilst working at a residential home. The location of a fire door, positioned at the foot of the stairs, caused an extremely awkward angle whilst trying to open the fire door. The claimant required to stand on the stairs whilst attempting to open the door. She sustained a laceration to her head, a broken wrist and bruising to her hip. Liability was admitted, and following an assessment of her injuries, £11,000 was awarded for her injuries and the remainder in lost earnings, care, assistance and other miscellaneous expenses.

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An Occupiers Liability case in South Wales awards a forty-year old builder £3,200
Further to a birthday party at a Play Centre in South Wales, the claimant was returning to his car, parked at the location of the Centre on a business park. On unlocking his car, and just as he was about to step through the front passenger door his right foot fell into an in uncovered manhole. He sustained soft tissue injuries to his right foot and was absence from work for a period of two weeks. He was expected to make a full recovery within nine months of the incident. Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity were rewarded.

Public Liability case rewards £1,500 to a Cardiff-based pothole victim

A forty plus year old was thrown to the ground when his motorbike he was riding hit a pothole in the road causing the bike to skid. He suffered injuries to the left-hand side of his body with grazing and injury to his left knee. Fortunately, he was able to work and did not have any time off. A claim was submitted to Cardiff Council and he was awarded damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

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