£32,000 awarded for ongoing back pain

We recently assisted a client who sustained a back injury in a high speed car accident. Our client lives on a property with extensive grounds. Of particular concern for our client was his ongoing ability to maintain his property. Despite having received an initial offer of £12,000.00 from the Insurance Company on the other side we were able to negotiate a settlement of £32,000.00 for our client. A substantial award was also made for our client’s  need to employ a gardener to assist with the maintenance of his property. This award was achieved without our client having to go to Court!

It is essential that solicitors investigate all aspects of a client’s claim. There has been a tendency by some to overlook the less obvious elements of a claim, in particular claims for gardening and household services. In fact very recently a firm of solicitors was found to be professionally negligent for having omitted to have made such a claim on behalf of a client.

At Shires Law we visit all of our client’s in their homes as this gives us a unique insight into their lives and ensures that nothing gets overlooked when we assess your compensation needs. In the case above our client was actually surprised to learn he could even claim for gardening and household services.